Review of Recent Buys ( BB cream, liner, shoes)

I'm just gonna do a mini review of some stuff I bought recently in hopes that it might help someone. The first one is Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner in the color Glam Rock:
I bought this to put in the corner of my eyes to get the "tear drop" effect. The liner actually comes in several collars such as gold, pink, blue,etc. I bought the silver one because it seemed the most practical though I was tempted to buy the pink one because it looked so darn pretty. It comes in a pretty good size (7.5 ml)  and does its job pretty well by packing a lot of glitter in a sweep. The only complain I have is the fact that it comes of a little bit too easily. The corner of the eye is pretty sensitive and if I find myself rubbing it a lot, most of the glitter will come off. It's also a little bit on the pricier side at 18 dollars but overall I find it worth the price.

The next two items I bought at Yesstyle. I don't frequently shop at Yesstyle but they were/are having free shipping for the month and I found a couple of items on big sale after waiting a while and I thought they were worth it.
The first one is Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream:

I originally wasn't planning on buying this BB Cream but I found out that the site was having it on sale for 14 dollars and I thought it was worth it especially because of the free shipping. It is supposed to be whitening, anti wrinkle, and anti-darkening and it also has SPF 30 added. It comes in four shades and I chose the lightest one ( Light Beige) because I'm really fair skinned. I think it matches my skin tone pretty well and I see no apparent signs of whitening but maybe it's because I am so pale lol. I am a little too young to be using anti-wrinkle products but one of the benefits of wearing BB Cream is that it possesses multiple effects that are good for the skin and I guess it's always good to start early. It doesn't smell like sunscreen at all but rather has a pretty good scent. I think that it also offers a good amount of coverage without being heavy or cakey. One of the best aspects is the fact that it comes in 60 g or 2 oz which is twice the amount of normal foundations here in the US. Overall, I would definitely recommend this.  

The next item I got is a pair of nude/beige colored boots:

I have purchased shoes from Yesstyle before and their quality is not the best ( but not cheap either). So I was surprised to find that these shoes seemed to have a pretty good quality. They also have a very soft and warm lining which I was not expecting. I have not worn them out yet so I can't tell you anything about the comfort bit they seem comfortable. I also think that their color and style are simple but very practical and beautiful. I am about a size 5.5  in the US and these are a size 36 which according to Yesstyle converts to a size 6. In most brands a size 6 is too big for me but these shoes fit pretty well.

It took almost two weeks for the items that I got from Yesstyle to arrive although they were shipped on the same day that I ordered. The previous time I had ordered from them, I had selected express shipping and it took only about 3 days to arrive after it was shipped. This time I had standard shipping and it took 9 business days for my shipment to arrive. But I guess that's what you get for ordering with free shipping and thankfully all  the items arrived in pretty good condition.

Anyways, I hope that the reviews were helpful!  


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