My Coolest Shoes

I have to confess, I'm sort of a shoe addict. I honestly don't know why but I find it okay to spend a good amount of money on a pair of shoe. But I do prefer quality over quantity so I don't have a ton of shoes. Anyways I have been trying to buy less shoes lately especially if they looks similar to something I already have. So here are some my "coolest" and most loved pair of shoes:

This is Delilah in grey slashed nubuck by Senso Diffusion. They have very geometrical inspired design and they look super funky. They're not really that hard to walk but this pair is a little bit too small for me so they hurt my feel when I wear them for a while. I guess a size 35 is not the exact equivalent of a US size 5. I should try to make them stretch but I'm afraid of ruining the material. 

You've probably seen these shoes before. They're the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spikes. I got these when they first came out and they were so hard to find. I looked everywhere and I was lucky to find a website where they had one pair left and it was in a size 5 yay. I have worn these out a couple of times and I always get so many compliments. When I wore them to school, people I never met/talked to would stop me and tell me they loved my shoes. Oh and the spikes are super sharp so they could literally be used as weapons >=P.

These are Jeffrey Campbell's Darian-Neons. These shoes are the only thing neon I own ( I'm not really into the trend).But the color on this shoe is absolutely gorgeous and so eye catching. They're even more vibrant in real life and they make for a perfect addition of color to an outfit. And they're made of leather so they don't look cheap or tacky in real life. 

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been feeling down because of the situation I described in my last post and it has gotten me into a slump. I'll probably do another post about my most worn shoes and maybe more outfit posts. So which one is your favorite pair?  


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