The Backyard

I apologize for not posting all summer long. I don't know what I was thinking. But I really want to share some photos I took in my backyard in the summer. 

Colorfully Knit

A lot of times when I wear an outfit I like or find interesting, I'll take a picture of it in the mirror. These pictures are usually not the best quality but I think I will start posting more of them. The pictures in this post will center around the colorful cropped sweater I am wearing. I actually knit the sweater myself. I loved the bright vibrant shade of pink in the yarn so I was inspired to make a sweater with it. Th funny thing is that the reason that I made the sweater cropped is because I did want to spend more money on the yarn. In the end, I think that the sweater ended up costing 6-7 dollars. It's only the third sweater I've knit so it does have some minor problems but overall I think it turned out pretty well.

Dress: anthropology
Shoes: Yestyle

Dress: Bar III
Shoes: Yestyle and white Doc Martens

I've actually worn both of these outfits out. But the second one I wore with some tights since the dress is very short. Basically, since the sweater is so short, I try to wear it with a dress. Both of the dresses I've chosen have ill fitting tops and the sweater helps cover them up. It also makes the dresses much more interesting. Maybe some day I'll get the courage to wear the sweater without a dress but for now I think the way I've been using it is useful and practical. I apologize for the bad picture quality especially for the ones taken by my phone =P.

I know I haven't posted in a while but, as always, I'm busy with schoolwork. But I have been thinking about this subject for a while and I think it would be a good idea if I share.

I think that it is no mystery that women are very self conscious about their weight. It seems like no one is ever completely satisfied with their weight. If you're really skinny, you want to gain weight. If you're in any way fat, you want to loose weight. It seems that tensions have been running even higher lately with what I'll call the "curvy movement."While I do see the reasons behind this movement, I don't see the benefits of it either. Sure, it is unhealthy to idolize an underweight body-type but a curvy body-type can be just as hard for some girls to achieve as a extremely skinny one. The point should be that as long as you have a healthy body type, you're fine and others will find you attractive depending on their personal preferences.

Christmas Past

I have some photos from Christmas time that I would like to share before it becomes way too late and way out of place.