New Camera and Pictures

I finally got my new camera last week when my parents came to visit me. Hopefully this means that I will post more often. The camera I bought is the Nikon D7100 and so far I think it has been a very good upgrade. You can definitely tell that D7100 is less of an "entry level" camera because it has a lot of functions and buttons that my previous D5100 lacked. I know that may not make a whole lot of sense but when I first tried out the camera I was expecting to be able to know how to use it pretty easily since I had owned a DSLR before but I was surprised to find out that I didn't know the functions of many of the buttons. I read a good chunk of the manual so I could learn the functions of all the buttons on the camera. As for the camera itself, of course it is great. The images are really sharp even though I am not using the best lens. I am actually glad that I chose to upgrade the time that I did because I found out that recently Nikon announced the release of the D5300 which I figure would decrease the price of my previous D5100 even more since it would be an even older model. Anyways, I might do an actual review of the D7100 when I get around to using it some more. But as for now, I'm gonna post a couple of pictures I took with it over the last week.