Maxi Skirts: Winter and Summer

I have been loving maxi skirts the past few months because I think they are so versatile and practical. They make an outfit look dressed up and sophisticated without much effort. And they're really easy to wear. I personally like them more than maxi dresses because I think they transition well into the winter since they are not considered solely a "summer trend" like maxi dresses usually are. Here are some outfits:

 (skirt: Ann Taylor,shirt: Urban Outfitters, shoes: Jeffery Campbell Ad-Long)
I think that this skirt is really elegant and simple but it's a little too formal looking. So I added a t-shirt to make it more casual. I'm wearing platform shoes underneath the skirt because it's a little too long to wear with flats but I still want comfort( Ad-Longs are super comfy).

(skirt: hand me down, shirt/dress: forever 21, shoes: Yesstyle)
 This red velvet maxi skirts is perfect for the fall and winter. It's warm enough to wear outside with a pair of tights.

The jacket is also a hand me down but I thought it looked good with the outfit and helped made it a little more casual. 
Sorry for the derpy faces in some of the shots. It's much easier taking photos of others than yourself lol. Hope this was helpful!


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