Almost Dark

It gets dark so early now adays and it's so hard to take photos in low light without flash. But I always found photos taken in low light to be mysteriously beautiful. Anyways, I'm finally making another fashion post!

Please excuse the poor quality of the last two photos. I took them randomly and didn't intend to post them.

white shirt- Gap; pants- Bar III; shoes- T.U.K creepers; jacket- hand me down; 
green sweater- handmade; 

Quite honestly, I'm not very fond of pants but I've come to really like these pair of printed pants because they're very comfortable to wear but still flattering. The first and second outfit are identical except for the sweater. But I think that the second outfit is worth posting because the sweater goes along very well with the outfit and makes the outfit unique even though it is not an obvious choice. It's also surprisingly warm and a very pretty color! 
I'm wearing my creepers in the second photo as well and I feel like they are a good choice to wear with these pants because they don't overpower them but still stand out. 

Merry belated Christmas and happy new year everyone! I'm glad I was able to sneak this blog post in before the year ended.


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