Review: Eyeliner

I bought some beauty product recently and thought it would be a good idea to do a review because I think they turned out to be interesting buys. They both happen to be eyeliners because eyeliner is one of the beauty items I use the most.

 This is elf's cream eyeliner in midnight. This is actually only 3 dollars which makes it an amazing purchase. As you might expect, the packaging and brush are not the best quality but the product itself is very good. It stays on for a long period of time and it is hard to smudge. The consistency is good and it goes on very easily. This is the first time I've bought an elf product and it has made a very good impression on me.

The next product is L'oreal's carbon black Lineur Intense. This actually a repurchase for me. I bought this one or two years ago and it has stayed pretty much the same. It has a good applicator that is easy to use but it is very easy to smudge. I find that it doesn't last me the whole day a lot of the times.

I hope that this review was short and helpful!


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